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The Bolama-Bijagós Archipelago is situated on the coast of Guinea-Bissau in the estuary of the rivers Corubal and Geba, encompassing an area that covers 1,046,950 ha.

It is the only active deltaic archipelago on the Atlantic coast of Africa with the presence of vast tidal marshes. These intertidal flats are home to important populations of sea turtles, manatees, gray parrots, and hippos. It is the second most important site in the African East Atlantic for migratory birds and is also one of the most important nesting areas for the green turtle (Chelonia mydas).

This biosphere reserve supports the conservation of biodiversity and the fundamental processes of ecology, while recognizing the importance of traditional use of land and resources, alongside the Bijagó culture, thus contributing to the improvement of people's living conditions by means of a development model based on the reasonable and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

In addition, it promotes scientific knowledge as basis for alternative solutions for sustainable development and implementation of efficient management mechanisms.





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