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The Transboundary Biosphere Reserve of Meseta Ibérica - the largest transboundary reserve in Europe - is a protected area of 11,326 km2 comprising the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca in Spain and the north-east of Portugal. Its management is carried out by ZASNET EGTC (European Cluster for Territorial Cooperation) since its recognition by UNESCO in 2015. Meseta Ibérica (Iberian Plateau) includes 87 municipalities and 5 Natural Parks, as well as several sites of the Network Natura 2000. This reserve includes 8 protected areas, 24 Sites of Communal Importance, 9 Areas of Special Protection and the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros.

This reserve stands out for its great range of habitats, which includes 15 natural areas classified as Natura Network Sites and/or Areas of Special Protection. The Spanish side is located in the Douro hydrographic basin and is characterized by plains with little altitudinal variation and the contrasting mountain ranges in the northwest. The Portuguese part is characterized by rippled plateaus with deep valleys and basins.

Here, human activities are linked with the traditional use of land, which include large cultivation of cereal crops and livestock farming of cattle, pigs and sheep. Traditional agriculture and ranching spawn small industries that process the available raw materials, manufacturing products such as chestnuts, olive oil, cheese, sausages, honey, wild mushrooms, among others. These products stand out for their quality and contribute to the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the region, in conjunction with forestry and viticulture.

Responsible and sustainable tourism is seen as a key driver for the region's development, boosting the economy while supplementing the population's sources of income. To reinforce this idea, a trademark that identifies local products and services was created, guaranteeing the highest quality for consumers, and added value for local producers.

Another highly important aspect is the promotion of education and awareness-raising activities for the preservation and valorization of biodiversity among younger populations, who stand as a privileged target audience for transmitting the message of sustainable development and mitigating the rural exodus.


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