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The Biosphere Reserve of Quirimbas comprises 7 districts (Ancuabe, Quissanga, Ibo, Macomia, Metuge, Montepuez and Meluco) within the Quirimbas National Park, located in the central part of the Cape Delgado Province, in northern Mozambique. It contains oceanic and coastal habitats and is home to 200,000 inhabitants.

The maritime zone of the reserve contains 11 islands located in the southern part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, of which Ibo, Matemo, Quisiwe and Quirimba have a long history of human settlement. The remaining islands are located in the perimeter of the Quirimbas National Park, namely: Quipaco, Mefunvo, Quilalea, Sencar, Quirambo, Fion and Rolas Island.

From an ecological perspective, the reserve is divided into three main ecoregions. The East African Marine Ecoregion, the Inhambane-Zanzibar Coastal Forest, and the East African Mangrove Ecosystem, all with high biodiversity levels, both marine and terrestrial, including several endemisms and species of significant international conservation interest.

Furthermore, there's big emphasis on the multiculturalism of the territory, a result of the mixing and mingling of cultures, given its integration into the main trade routes between the Indian and the Atlantic oceans.

In order to guarantee its operation, the Biosphere Reserve of Quirimbas carries out various activities, including the Protection and Surveillance of Natural Resources, Community Development, Tourism Development as well as Research/Monitoring.






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