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Year of creation

Santana, in the Madeira Island, had its rich heritage recognized worldwide on June 29, 2011, when it was classified by UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program, designed to promote sustainable development.

The Biosphere Reserve of Santana covers the entire land surface of the Santana municipality including the adjacent marine area down to a depth of 200m.

There are 6,553 inhabitants living in this Biosphere Reserve, 99% of whom live in the transition zone, 1% in the buffer zone and none in its core.

Noteworthy is the presence of a part of the Laurissilva Forest, classified as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, which harbors a wide diversity of fauna and flora with a significant degree of endemism.

In addition to its unique nature, there is also a diverse cultural and gastronomic heritage that is important to preserve. In terms of its architectural heritage, it is worth mentioning the Matrix Church of São Jorge, the Pena Chapel and the Santa Ana Fountain; as well as the typical houses of Santana, also known as the Thatched Houses, which are part of the Madeira Theme Park, giving visitors the chance to see some of the local artisans and the diverse handicrafts produced in the municipality (the typical miniature houses, embroidery, linen cloths, earflaps, wicker basketry, fabrics, traditional costumes, among others).






Biosphere Reserves Portugal: Santana, Madeira

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